Tips When Moving To A New House

Buying or moving to a new home is one of the most important decisions that every person should make. Before this, we present a series of tips to make your move as comfortable and practical as possible.

Find shut-off valves

It is important to recognize where the water tap, light box, and gas faucet are located. Before moving to a new home, make sure everything is well sealed and in good condition. Sometimes when people move, they leave the water switches open, generating a waste of water and generating high consumption of the same to the monthly bill. The same happens with light boxes. In the breaker box, check that all knobs are working. Make sure to check if it needs for prompt repair.

Look for spots of humidity

Before leaving, make sure walls (corners, and wet areas) are in good condition and have no stains if you apply these changes your home will be in its best condition to sell or if you are renting, this would avoid possible “penalties” for the carelessness of the property.

Change the door locks and external access

As a security protocol, when moving to a new house, make sure to change the door locks. This ensures that the new person living in the house has personalized access. If your house has an alarm, it is advisable to change the access codes.

Thoroughly clean all carpets

The best time to clean carpets is when space is completely unoccupied. If your carpet has stains that are very difficult to remove, you can use your detergent and a little water, another home remedy is cornstarch with water. For those who want to be more practical, there are a number of products in the market that cleans the stains of carpets.

Replace the air conditioning filter

If the house has air conditioning, check the filters and the air conditioner. Sometimes the electric bill is high due to problems with the air conditioning. If any part is broken or does not fit, the best option is to change it or buy a new one.


This is perhaps the most important point. Sometimes we store things that we no longer use or serve to clog and accumulate dust. Before moving, sort your belongings from clothing, personal items, books, furniture, ornaments. You can sell or give them. Things that you do not want or use may be useful to others.

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